chris crews | founder of rv mediaI founded rv media in the fall of 1995 as a vehicle for my radical social change activism, with a focus on using media as a tool for social change. Over the years I have done a number of media projects under the name rv media, as well as a few side project focused on specific themes: HOME (environmental politics and spirituality) and GUM (revolutionary social movements) being two other early experiments in DIY zines.

I’ve always been interested in media, ever since I was a little kid. Over the years I have refined and expanded my skill set and technical knowledge, as well as my sense of what makes for a good story and how to tell it in a compelling way. rv media is my attempt, however small, to use my knowledge and skills to contribute to radical social change and a more just world.

I continue to shoot video here and there whenever I can, as well as offering my video skills for community and activists events big and small. Hopefully one day I will have the time to get back into making documentary films and shorts like the old days.

Only time will tell.